Why Should I Use Drayage?


Drayage is the short-distance transportation of cargo loads from one warehouse, depot, or storefront to another. Usually done by road, this is a staple service in modern cargo transport routes, and offers up a number of potential benefits over direct point-to-point shipping.

Here are just a few reasons you should consider incorporating drayage into your distribution network.

It`s fast and efficient

Contemporary ports, rail depots, and their local warehouses strive to sort, store, load, and otherwise handle large quantities of cargo in a timely manner. But as much as these locations seek to ease congestion with streamlined processes and modernized technologies, they remain potentially vulnerable to backup from the sheer amount of freight passing through.

Road-based drayage between ports or rail depots and off-site warehouses relieves the demands placed on limited local storage space, and relocating goods (as well as empty containers) to off-site locations can reduce the time needed to load vehicles when the time comes to continue moving. And, of course, having your cargo delivered in a consistent, timely manner will give you a hefty leg up on the competition.

It`s economically sound

For long-distance hauling, particularly with large and/or heavy loads of freight, using trains and cargo ships will almost always be more economical than over-the-road trucking. But there is one distinct aspect in which trucks shine: their ability to take advantage of an existing, extensive road network.

Short-distance freight transportation is low-cost, and gives you the financial flexibility to operate (or contract with) a greater number of receiving ports and warehouses — in a greater number of locations.

It`s safe

Even though drayage means adding steps to the handling and transportation process (when compared to direct point-to-point shipping), there’s no reason to expect increased risk of damages to your cargo. Federal drayage safety regulations are on the rise, and freight handlers receive extensive training in cargo loading, transportation, inventory, and management.

Effective freight management isn’t just about the long haul. Consider incorporating drayage logistics into your supply chain for maximum efficiency and unparalleled results.