What To Do Upon Taking Delivery Your Shipped Car

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When you decide to ship your car by truck rather than drive it yourself for however long the distance is, you have some things you must do on the front end of the transaction, as well as when you take delivery of your car upon arrival at the destination. Researching everything upfront to find a good reputable car shipping company should give you confidence that your car will be delivered safely in good condition.


But to be sure, there are some things you should do once your car arrives

How To Protect Yourself When Taking Delivery

Car shipping companies will often deliver your car right to your door. But, if you live in a large condominium or apartment complex, or out in the country with no paved roads, an 18-wheeler truck cannot bring the car right to your home. If this is the case, talk with your car transport company in advance and come to an agreement as to where to take delivery of your car.

Vehicle Condition Report

Vehicle Condition Report

Wherever you agree on as to the drop-off location, come prepared with your Original Inspection Report that details the condition your car was in when the car shipping company picked it up.

Bring your camera and a pen to write with. When your car comes off the truck inspect every inch of your car inside and out to verify that there are no new dents, chips or scratches on the paint, cracks on the glass, damage to exterior mirrors, door handles, windshield wipers, to the tires and/or underside.

Open and close all doors, check that the wipers work, that the windows roll up and down, and that all the locks work.

Make sure your car starts and drive it around a bit to confirm that it is running properly. If it has been on a long journey through hot weather, examine the paintwork for any heat damage.

Shipping your car in an enclosed truck will protect your car against cosmetic damage a lot better than if you use exposed shipping. Look inside your car for any damage to the interior that was not listed on the Original Inspection Report. Check the mileage as well to see if it matches up.

Filing a Claim

Upon delivery you will be given a bill of lading and you must have a signed copy of this if you hope to file a claim for any damage found on your car. To prove that the damage occurred while the car was being shipped make sure you have the photographs you took at the time the original inspection was done when car transport company took possession of your car. Take photos and make notes of any new damage you notice upon delivery. What you cannot file a claim for would be personal items that were left in the car that have now disappeared. Car shipping companies do not have any authorization to ship anything else except the car.

Once you’ve finished the paperwork and you take possession of the car, you can use the information and photographs when filing a claim with the shipping company and/or their insurance carrier.

Before You Start Regularly Driving Your Car

Your car should be able to be driven right off the truck unless it’s been with the shipping company for months. But before going anywhere, inflate the tires as needed, top the fluids off and don’t forget to check the gas gauge. Before you begin regularly using your car, have it checked out by a good car mechanic, just to be safe.

For example, if your car has been travelling on an open transport truck in the hot summer months, being exposed to that kind of heat can crack the rubber parts, which include the rubber seals, engine hoses and windshield beading. Perform a thorough check against any heat damage to your car. If you have leather seats, they could have dried out and if you use them in this condition, the leather can easily crack. If you notice they’re dry, use a good leather conditioner.

Once you have taken all these precautions you should be able to safely enjoy driving your car as usual.


Researching everything upfront to find a good reputable car shipping company should give you confidence……

Posted by HaulMatch on Tuesday, April 11, 2017