What Are the Most Expensive Places in the USA to Ship a Car To?

Cargo ship with container load

The auto transport industry isn’t the cheapest one for customers. Since customers don’t have much information of the field and the facts pertaining to it, they end up making a lot of different assumptions over the pricing and the costs associated with shipping a car.

Shipping a car isn’t an easy task, as it requires hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and a lot of time to be done. While the costs and time taken for auto shipment are hidden from no one, we don’t really have any alternative to this solution. Auto-shipment is the only way to move a car to a different location. Customers might think of driving the car to the given location as an alternative, but not only does it depreciate the car, but the whole process of driving to another city can be exhausting.

To understand our justification of the most expensive places in the US to ship a car to, you will need to know about the costs associated with transportation.

Here we define the factors that can influence the overall cost of shipping an auto vehicle to another state. Go through this list and see how many of them you actually knew of.

  • Geographical Location
    The geographical location of your pickup and drop-off points plays an important role in deciding the overall delivery rate for shipping your car. The geographical location for both the pickup and drop-off points may matter because the locations dictate the distance between the pickup and delivery location. The total distance is an important factor in influencing the overall price of the shipment.
  • Fuel Prices
    Once the distance is known, a computation of the fuel price can also impact your shipment rates. If the fuel prices have gone up because of a recent hike or something, the shipping costs will also go up. Now, your shipping or logistic company will have to incur more for delivering a car on the same distance. Similarly, a decrease in the price of fuel can signal a decrease in the costs charged for shipment.
  • Frequent Traffic Along the Route
    The traffic along the route and the level of activity at the port of arrival may also impact your total costs. The frequency of traffic at the port you’re shipping to will be favorable for you, as your shipping company will deliver your car along with other similar shipments. However, if you’re shipping to a less frequented location, the company will either have to alter locations or wait for a decent cargo level to be reached before shipping.
  • Weather Along the Route
    Certain routes have bad weather conditions, which is why expert handling is needed. Hence, you need to know the weather conditions in the shipping route for your car.
  • Distance to Interstate Highways
    Once the car is delivered to the port, the distance from that port to an interstate highway nearby would also influence the total cost that is charged. Since this journey is also covered in the shipment process, it can have an immediate impact on the costs.


Most Expensive Places for Shipment

Based on your understanding of the metric above, you can now get to understand the most expensive places to ship a car to and what makes them this way.

  • North and South Dakota
    Areas within the North and South of Dakota are the most expensive to a ship a car to. These areas don’t get much shipment traffic across the year, which is why you would either have to wait for other cargo or get your car delivered in seclusion. Furthermore, the weather in the water around the state is really extreme and oftentimes considered dangerous for water traffic.

    Finally, the interstate highway system from the Dakota region to other locations isn’t the best. If you compare it with states like Miami and Los Angeles, the highway system is comparatively closer and better.

  • Wyoming
    Famous for its beauty, Wyoming isn’t the most popular location for shipping a car. The state has a poor highway system and is pretty much subject to the same problems mentioned for North and South Dakota above. Shipments to this region tend to be on the costly side.
  • Montana
    Shipments to Montana are extremely expensive for reasons similar to what has been mentioned for both Wyoming and the Dakotas above. Montana and the neighboring Idaho have poor interstate highway connections, which may lead to inflated costs for car shipment.

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