Top 5 Shipping Mistakes You Need to Avoid When Using a Car Transport Company

Truck trailer carrying several cars on a highway

Are you hoping to relocate elsewhere? Along with the worries of selling your home and shifting all your house stuff to another city or state, you will probably also need a way to transport your car.

The internet offers thousands of car transportation companies; however, all of them provide various levels of quality. To save yourself any nasty surprises while transporting your second-most expensive possession after your house, here is a list of common mistakes that you need to avoid.


Not Reviewing Your Shipping Service

When you need surgery, you conduct research online and ask around for all the best doctors near you. So it only makes sense that you do thorough research when it comes to handing your expensive car to an auto transportation company. Nowadays, most companies have websites, and the least you can do is visit them and go through the company’s customer reviews and testimonials. They can tell you a whole lot about how the car shipping company conducts its business.

It is also very important that you do not skip the terms and conditions section of the car moving company. Read through this section carefully so that you are not caught off-guard after your vehicle is delivered to your doorstep and you are handed the documents to sign.

Not Calculating Shipping Quotes

Shipping rates quoted by car moving companies vary from company to company. It is important that you find an auto transport company that provides you the best value for your money.

A good way to do that is to look for a company that provides you with a free online shipping quote calculator. This will give you an accurate estimate of how much shipping your car to a destination can cost you.

Also, remember that shipping quotes can never be fixed; they vary based on the size of the vehicle, the location, the distance traveled, the season, and the mode of transportation. Vehicle transportation via enclosed carrier will always be much more expensive than vehicle transportation via an open-air carrier.

As with all industries, the lowest price does not amount to the best service. If you use a car shipping company that offers very cheap services, it’s very likely that you might encounter a lot of things that can ruin your moving experience. This includes things like the company only picking up your car when it suits them, not taking adequate safety measures to keep your car from harm en route, and delaying delivery.

Missing or Inaccurate Documents

A good car moving company will issue several documents before they collect your car. These documents include the bill of lading, vehicle registration and certificate of insurance that proves that the car belongs to you and you have the right to ship it. Make sure these documents are all in order before you ship your car.

Also, make sure you fill out the vehicle inspection report. The company will inspect your car and note down any damage that has already been done to it, so it is very important that you are present for this. Once your car is delivered, you will need to do another inspection of it to make sure that it did not sustain any damage during transportation. If your vehicle is harmed, you should make a note of it on the inspection report and ask the driver to sign it; otherwise, you won’t be able to claim the insurance.

Complete and proper paperwork ensures a smooth car moving experience.

Forgetting Insurance Coverage

Uninsured vehicles are one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while getting your car moved.

Any good auto transport company will offer you insurance coverage for any damage that happens while your vehicle is in transit. Request the company to show you their insurance certificate and understand all things that will be covered under the policy. If you believe that the insurance cover is not enough, you may be allowed to pay the shipping company some amount to increase it.

Not Emptying Your Car

People who are not acquainted with the car moving process may think it is a bright idea to fill up their vehicle with as many things as they can to make the process of moving their stuff easier. Although some companies do allow around 100 lbs of personal property to travel in your car, most of them will not accept any responsibility if your items get stolen. Loose items in the car can also damage the interior when they bang against the inside, and insurance companies won’t provide you coverage for this either.

Additionally, if officers from the Department of Transport decide to check your car during the journey, they may seize your possessions as it is illegal to ship your car with household items inside. Placing objects inside your car can also increase the weight of the car, which will mean a higher shipping quote for you. Therefore, it is best to make sure your car has minimal objects, or even better, it remains empty during transportation.

Transporting your car is one of the most burdensome tasks of moving. However, if you pay attention to these simple rules, there is no reason why you can’t have a carefree and efficient moving experience.