Thinking of Selling Your Car? Expand Your Market by Offering Auto Transportation

Car carrier truck

Traditionally, selling a car meant putting a classified ad in your local newspaper and hoping for the best. Maybe you parked the car in the driveway with a for sale sign. Maybe you drove to a busy parking lot and advertised your car that way. Maybe you even put your old car on a consignment lot and hoped that the busy location would speed the sale.

All of those techniques still work, and they can be quite valuable, but there is another, and perhaps a better, way to turn your old set of wheels into cold hard cash. If you are tech savvy, you can expand the market for your old car from the 20 mile radius around your home to a circle that stretches from coast to coast.

The Evolution of Online Car Sales

It was not that long ago that online car sales were the exclusive province of antique and classic car fans. Antique and classic car enthusiasts have long used networks, both online and offline, to find the exact vehicles they wanted, then used car shipping services to bring their purchases home.

The experience of those classic car enthusiasts has made buying and selling cars online possible for the rest of us, and car shipping services fill those auto transportation needs, closing the gap between buyer and seller.

Selling Your Car Online

What this means to you as a seller is that you can market your vehicle from coast to coast. No matter what kind of vehicle you currently own, someone somewhere is looking for exactly that make and model.

While the market for collector cars is greater than the one for general transportation, sellers can have good luck marketing just about any kind of car, truck or SUV. By expanding the market to the entire country, you can boost the odds of a quick sale, and increase your chances of getting the price you want.

Closing the Auto Transportation Gap

Unless you want to drive thousands of miles to drop off your old set of wheels, you will need to find a way to meet your auto transportation needs. That means finding a car shipping service that can pick up the vehicle you have sold, transport it safely and deliver it to the buyer.

Finding an Affordable Car Shipper

There are a number of different companies that can meet your auto transportation needs, but the price of their services, and the quality, will vary greatly. If you are selling your old car and need to have it shipped, you can start with a shipping calculator.

These calculators can provide you with the instant shipping quotes you need, so you can pass that information along to any potential buyers who see your ad. The cost of car shipping is obviously an important consideration, so knowing how much the auto transportation will cost is a very big deal.

Once you know how much the automotive transportation will cost, you can start to negotiate with potential buyers. Once the deal is done, you can use your instant shipping quote to hire the car shipping service and get your old set of wheels to its brand new home.