The Challenges of Shipping An Oversized Vehicle

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Most people are not concerned with the fact of how oversized vehicles are shipped because many people don’t own oversized vehicles. However, there are those who do understand the difficulties of getting one shipped. Before we talk about the challenges faced in hauling oversized vehicle across states, we need to understand what vehicles are categorized as “oversized.”


What is an Oversized Vehicle?

Your every-day use sedans are not oversized vehicles. Most auto transportation companies base their shipping quotes on sedan-sized, also called standard-sized; vehicles the likes of the Toyota Camry and Honda Civic. Car movers adjust prices for larger vehicles like minivans, SUV’s and pickups. However, even these are not considered oversized.

Oversized vehicles often come with attached equipment. They are also significantly taller than your normal vehicles, at least 5’10’’ high. These include, but are not limited to, moving vans, box trucks, heavy-duty trucks with high clearance, Jeeps, buses, construction equipment, and even long limousines. These vehicles cannot fit into an open auto shipping trailer.

Shipping an oversized vehicle

An oversize truck attached to a flat-bed on the road

Difficulties of Providing Shipping Services To An Oversized Vehicle

Here are the three main challenges:

Need For Specialty Carriers

Oversized vehicles need to be transported via specialty carriers, usually flat-bed trucks. Some cars that are not too tall in height, like limousines, can be shipped on an open transport truck. For this situation, you will need to pay for two parking spots, which will ultimately cost you more. However, it is much easier for people to find an available open transport hauler than a flatbed truck, so many limousine sized cars often end up getting shipped on regular transport trucks.

Having said that, the rest of the oversized vehicles, especially the tall and bulky ones, need an alternative means for transport, which usually is a flat-bed truck. These trucks are not available at all times and need to be used on an as-needed basis.

The reason why oversized cars cannot be transported in standard car movers is due to the fact that the trucks they use often have hydraulic lifts on both sides, especially in case of a double-decker carrier. Therefore, the oversized vehicle has no space to fit inside the carrier.

Slow Shipping Process

Because of the unique needs of oversized vehicles, your vehicle shipping process may be slower. Most auto shipping companies that you might opt for may not be able to quickly find an appropriate carrier or flatbed truck to ship your oversized vehicle. They also will not be able to ship your vehicle on car haulers that they normally use for smaller vehicles. This means if you need to get your oversized vehicle shipped to a destination in a hurry, it may not make it there in time.

Most auto shipping companies work in partnership with carriers they have used in the past. This gives them lower transportation rates and a faster delivery process. However, with an oversized vehicle, they will have to look elsewhere for specialty carriers that will provide them with the service they require. Because of the lack of availability of flatbeds, a client may have to wait sometime before his vehicle is picked up and then shipped to the final destination.

Higher Shipping Quote

Naturally, you can be charged a higher price for the specialty carriers as they are fewer of them available. Another factor that contributes to a higher shipping cost is the size and weight of the vehicle. The bigger and heavier the vehicle, the higher its shipping cost will be, as the carrier will have to use more engine power to deliver the burden.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that specialty trucks with flat-bed are also subjected to higher rules and regulations when they are transporting oversized vehicles on the road. Most of the time, they have to take the longer, less busy routes, which consume more fuel. The higher cost of the distance will be transferred to the client at the end, and they will have to foot the bill.

Tackling the Challenges

To make these difficulties more bearable, here is what customers should do:

  • Communicate: It is essential that you communicate comprehensively with the representative from the auto transportation company from the get-go and let him know the size, weight, height, and length of the vehicle. This will help determine the shipping quote accurately and what kind of vehicle is required to transport the car.
  • Plan Ahead: Since transporting heavy-duty vehicles inevitably takes more time, because of the heavy equipment, low availability of flatbed trucks and longer routes, it is important that you schedule the delivery days ahead of time. It is quite difficult to transport oversized vehicle on an urgent basis if you don’t plan ahead.
  • Budget Accordingly: Make sure you budget yourself to factor in the increased price rates of your oversized vehicle, in comparison to your standard-sized vehicle. You don’t want to be in for a nasty surprise when your shipping company gives you a quote that is way more than you expected.

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