The Best Time Of The Year To Ship My Car

A fleet of shipping trucks loaded with cars to be transported

When you are young and full of energy, a cross-country trip certainly has its appeal. But there are others who look for a more convenient way to ship their cars. This is the reason why auto transportation companies exist: to provide reliable and affordable car shipping services.

However, car transporting costs vary depending on the time of the year. Here is a simple guide to understand what the best times to ship your car are.


Never ‘Immediately’

There are a few rules in the auto shipping industry which remain the same, no matter what time of the year it is. One of them is that the best time is never “right now.” Since an auto transporting service carries a significant amount of overhead cost, it tries to plan ahead. Although booking a car hauler on an immediate-basis can sometimes be possible, it will almost never be cheap. In order to get an affordable shipping quote, you need to book a place at least a few weeks in advance. As soon as you know you will need to ship your car, start researching and book your space at

Summer Seasons with High Demand

Shipping costs differ considerably based on the time of the year because of various factors like too much demand and inclement weather. Summer  is one of the most popular times when many Americans are trying to ship their car. Although car transporting companies plan for this surge in demand and also offer discounts on popular routes, the huge volume of shipments often results in high prices and delays.

Winter Season Sees Reduced Demand/ Poor Weather

Winter comes with its own set of problems. Although the number of cars being shipped in this season is the lowest, this factor actually drives the shipping cost up. The reason is that shipping companies have to struggle to get full loads and the high overhead cost can result in a premium. People who want their car taken via popular routes may get discounts, but this is quite rare. Moreover, slick and icy roads can make car shipping more risky and you can expect delays during this kind of weather.

Fuel Prices

As many people ship their cars during the summer, auto transporting companies consume more fuel. As the demand for fuel gets higher, fuel prices also increase. However, the increase is not that significant. If you are trying to get your car shipped in the summer, the fuel factor shouldn’t dissuade you from doing so.

Snowbird Season

To make matters even more complicated, spring and fall season also come with their own sets of issues. One of the biggest factors that determine shipping quotes during this time is the movement of the snowbirds.

Snowbirds are people who live in the northern states. When it starts to become too cold in the fall season, these people migrate to the south to warmer climes until the temperature in their own areas become more tolerable. More often than not, they want their vehicles transported with them. Therefore, shipping cars during the fall season can also be pricier because of the demand by snowbirds.

Similarly, when spring comes, these snowbirds want their cars delivered back to the north for the warmer months. The high demand at this time also means that prices will be high and you can also expect some delays, depending on how much work the auto transportation company has.

However, the good news is that prices are expected to go up only if you are shipping your car in the same areas where the snowbirds are going. This means that if you are headed in the opposite direction, like going from the north to the south in spring, you may find lowered prices.

Having said all of that, you also need to realize that shipping quotes can vary from year to year. Usually, prices do not vary more than 10-15 percent from season to season, so we recommend that you get your car shipped when it is most convenient for you.

If you want to ship your car in a cost-effective way, the best way you can do that is to use and stick with it. For snowbirds, this option is the best as it will let us know that you need to get your car shipped twice a year and allow us to can make accommodations for you beforehand and get rid of any uncertainties. Another great thing is that if you are loyal to HaulMatch, you can expect top quality service at low prices.

If you are concerned about the cost, safety, and time it would take for your car to be delivered, our customer sales representatives can help determine the best time and the best shipping quotes for you.