Selecting the Best Company to Safely Transport Your Car

The trailer transports cars on highway

In planning a move across country, you’ve got to determine whether it’s best to drive your vehicle or hire a professional to transport your car. If you choose to drive, it’s likely you’ll face unpredictable and hazardous weather conditions, a lot of road construction with some requiring detours, and plenty of impatient drivers. On the other hand, you can avoid all that by having your car shipped. This would free up a lot of your time, giving you a chance to relax while unpacking and getting everything organized in the new home.


Having your car shipped comes with some distinct advantages, and in the end we think you’ll agree that the added expense is well worth it. When you have your car transported you will not be putting thousands of additional miles on your car unnecessarily. This helps in maintaining the resale value of your car when you’re ready to sell. Transporting your vehicle instead of driving it yourself is safer, both for you and your car, because you won’t be driving on the road for days on end dealing with who knows what? You are bound to find yourself in unfamiliar places and the weather these days is very unpredictable and can cause serious driving hazards.


 Before selecting a car transport company you should do your homework to find a reputable one that you can trust. This is no small matter because your vehicle is presumably one of your most valuable assets, plus it’s your basic means of transportation. You’ve got to be sure the company you choose is able to ship your car safely and have it there for you when you arrive at the new home.


The main thing you want to find out when you’re doing your research is whether the company ships a lot of cars in your area. You want the company to pick your car up at your current residence and deliver it directly to your new address. This is what’s called “door-to-door” service and it is a vital consideration. You will have enough to do with just moving across country so you do not want to have to deal with all the logistics of getting your car to the shipping company on this end and then trying to figure out how to pick it up at the final destination. When you can have your vehicle picked up at your home now and then brought directly to your new home, it frees you up to deal with all the other things involved in your move.


Another important consideration is insurance coverage. Whomever you hire must have enough insurance coverage to compensate you for any unforeseen damage that might occur to your car while being transported. Of course, you’re hoping nothing happens during the journey, but just in case, it’s best to be prepared. The most reputable and experienced car transport companies carry extensive insurance against all possible hazards. This coverage protects not only them, but also their customers. Before turning your car over to anyone, make sure you have copies of all relevant documents, including your signed contract and the company’s insurance information showing the amount and extent of coverage they carry.


Lastly, good communication is key to your peace-of-mind throughout the entire car shipping process. Without the ability to stay in contact with your shipper, you would worry about your car every second it’s out of sight, from the moment they drive off with it to the moment you see it arrive at your new home. To ensure that your potential shipper understands how important good communication is, pay attention to see if they respond quickly every time you reach out to them. A company that isn’t prompt about answering your messages now is certainly not apt to be very responsive once they have your car on their truck.


Shipping your car clear across the country is serious business, but as long as you do your homework and select a car shipper that you’ve thoroughly checked out, you should be able to relax. Make sure you keep all the relevant paperwork with you, and not packed up in some box on your moving truck, so that you can check in with the car shipping company anytime you wish. Before you know it you’ll have your car safely parked in the garage of your new home.