Myths and Misconceptions About Auto Transportations

A car shipping truck transporting vehicles

The auto transport industry is rife with misconceptions. This can make it very difficult for customers to trust a car transporting company to move their vehicle from one city to the next. To address these myths, we have compiled a list of top misconceptions and have debunked them, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to transporting your car.


Myth 1: All Auto Shipping Companies Are the Same

As in all industries, there are many great companies and then some not-so-good ones. When you need to ship a car, it is up to you to weed out the auto shipping companies that do not hold true to their promises. You can do this by looking for car shipping services that have a record of on-time safe deliveries, a transparent quoting system, positive reviews, a 24/7 reliable customer service and the willingness to give you updates about the location of your vehicle.

Myth 2: You Should Choose the Lowest Price When Shipping a Car

Although it may sound tempting, getting a very low shipping quote may not be in your best interest. When car transport companies offer absolutely cheap prices, it usually means that the quality of their customer service is next to nothing. When you choose these kinds of shippers, you run the risk of delayed shipment, not knowing where your car is for extended periods of time or having it arrive damaged.

Myth 3: Reading Reviews Is a Waste of Time

Companies that have a lot of negative reviews or those that do not have reviews at all can be a warning signal for customers. If an auto transport company gets a job done well, many customers post positive reviews of them online. Some customers even share them on their social media pages while auto transport companies stream those reviews on their website in real time. When you are looking for a car shipping company, look for one which has reviews to get an idea of what type of customer service it offers.

Myth 4: It Is More Expensive to Ship a Car Than Drive it

Many people believe driving their car themselves is a cheaper, easier, faster, and safer way to deliver their car. However, that’s not entirely true.

A cross-country or even an interstate drive is not easy at all, especially if you are driving with small kids. It also means you will have to take out time from your job or every day work just to transport your car from one place to another.

It is also not very safe since traffic on the interstates can be very dangerous. Truck drivers are trained to deal with distracted drivers, hazardous road conditions, and inclement weather. Getting a car shipping company to transport your car is a much safer option for you and your family.

Driving is also not less expensive than hiring the services of an auto transport company. Gas is one of the major expenses on the road, and the wear and tear that your car will undergo on an interstate trip can be just as expensive to repair.

Myth 5: Auto Transport Companies Don’t Give Accurate Shipping Quotes

Because some unscrupulous people in the car moving industry hit their customers with additional hidden charges, people have come to believe that it is not possible to get accurate shipping quotes from car transport companies. When you ship a car using HaulMatch, you can get an accurate shipping quote in just seconds, depending on the size and weight of your vehicle, the distance it needs to travel, how soon it needs to be at the delivery point and other factors. The process is transparent, and there are no hidden fees involved.

Myth 6: Open Carrier Shipping Is Not Safe

Open carrier shipping is very popular among customers because it is quite safe. Most people only hire closed carriers to move their antique, rare or luxury vehicles so that they can protect them from prying eyes. They also provide more protection from the elements. However, open carrier trucks are still very safe, and cases of damaged vehicles are quite rare.

Myth 7: Preparing a Car for Shipment Is Very Difficult

It is actually quite easy to prepare your car for shipment. The first step you need to take is to get a mechanic to check if your car is in good shape and has no electrical or mechanical issues. Your mechanic should also check your car’s battery, tire pressure, and fluid level. Also, make sure your gas tank is no more than one-quarter full as it can be a potential safety hazard. Once that is done, you should clear your car of any personal belongings, wash it inside out and secure its movable exterior components. Lastly, make sure you take pictures of your car’s interior and exterior from all angles

Ultimately, transporting a car cross-country can be a hassle-free, affordable, and easy experience if you choose the right shipping company. HaulMatch move thousands of vehicles each year, and we hope that your car will be next.