Most Popular and Busiest Auto Shipping Destinations in the U.S

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Of course, having information about the most popular and busiest auto shipping destinations in the U.S can be vital for those looking to ship their cars at low affordable rates and quickly. Due to the high amount of volume shipped through these destinations, you can always expect the lowest prices, and quickly find carriers. These locations are often the backbone of the country’s economy, being major hubs for carriers and shipments. In this article, we list down the most popular and busiest auto shipping destinations in the U.S.

Factors to Consider

When it comes to the most popular and busiest auto shipping destinations in the U.S, there are some factors that all the destinations somewhat have in common. Here is a quick overview of factors that influence how attractive a particular location is to auto shipping.

  • Size
    The bigger the size of a city, the more potential customers there are for car shipping companies. It is no surprise, therefore, that many of the locations we mentioned below are also some of the largest urban centers in the country.
  • Location
    Proximity to other urban centers, major interstate highways, or busy routes also factors in the popularity of an auto shipping location. More accessibility, after all, means more traffic and, thus, more carriers available on routes.
  • Weather
    We Americans tend to be highly mobile. During winter, many choose to move out of the colder regions to warmer places and vice versa in summer. Since destinations with year-round sunny weather are few, during winter, they are inundated with substantial incoming traffic. This seasonal migration attracts plenty of auto shipping providers to such areas.

Los Angeles, California

The largest in terms of size and the second largest in terms of population, Los Angeles is among the busiest auto shipping destinations in the U.S. Thanks to its excellent infrastructure, accessibility, and a massive market, as well its prime located in the center of some of California’s busiest routes, the City of Angels is always popular with carriers and transport networks. Along with the fact that so many people are moving in and out of the metropolitan daily, the area has become home to many trucking companies’ headquarters. The area also features one of the largest and busiest ports in not just the country but the entire world.

Despite this, as far as city shipping rates are concerned, the ones you will usually find in Greater Los Angeles would be on the pricier side. Nonetheless, with so many competitors out there, it is always possible to find one that offers more affordable rates of auto shipment. Expect the prices to remain fairly stable as the weather is warm year-round, and shipment traffic is always high.

Houston, Texas

Just like Los Angeles, Houston also benefits because of its location and ease of access. With a large population and good infrastructure, the area remains a popular hub for auto-shipments. In recent decades, more and more migrants have been moving to the city. This has made it also a very popular and affordable destination among auto carriers. There are plenty of cartrawler companies that have made the area there home.

Unlike Los Angeles, the ratio of supply and demand is on the side of the customer, translating to very affordable shipment rates. Even if you live far removed from the heart of the metropolitan, the sheer volume of carriers going in and out of the area means you will always find at least one going on your routes.

New York City, New York

Being the largest city in terms of population and located close to other major urban centers on the East coast, it should be no surprise that the Big Apple is also an extremely popular shipment location. Thanks to its strategic location, the city experiences high traffic daily, and thus, auto-shipment rates remain quite stable year-round. However, it is interesting to note that most of the traffic goes out of the city rather than in. This is especially true during the colder months of the year.

Being an ‘older city’, auto-shipment rates can vary considerably depending on where you are located. Hard to reach locations with narrow streets such as in Manhattan or Bronx are going to have higher shipment charges.

Miami, Florida

Miami makes for an interesting case in that a lot is going for it that shouldn’t make it among the busiest auto shipping destinations in the U.S. It is far disconnected from the rest of the United States. It does not enjoy the same level of accessibility as other popular auto shipping destinations. Finally, it is only able to boast a comparatively small population.

Yet, it is. What makes Miami so popular with auto carriers is that birds are not the only thing migrating to the state with the weather starts becoming colder in the rest of the country. During fall and winter, Miami sees a massive influx of people from the colder north, and many of them want to bring their vehicles along. Thus, you find many auto carrier companies operating in the region and offering very economical rates.

Just be sure to remember that as the traffic varies drastically throughout the year, don’t expect rates to remain stable here.

Dallas, Texas

Texas is so big that it boasts TWO popular auto shipping destinations. Sitting comfortably in the center of many major interstate highways, the city experiences a lot of shipping traffic go through it throughout the year. As such, rates are generally stable throughout the year. Just like Houston, over the years, Dallas has also become a popular destination for migrants coming in from other parts of the US. These two factors, coupled with being the most populous area of Texas, means that it attracts plenty of carriers. Because of the resulting competition, the rates you’ll find are going to be pretty economical most of the year.

Chicago, Illinois

Against all the odds, Chicago manages to thrive despite the freezing weather. Of course, not everyone is rugged enough to tolerate it during winter, and many tend to migrate to warmer pastures as soon as the mercury starts dropping. Combine this with its strategic location at the heart of the Midwest and easy accessibility, Chicago remains a busy and popular auto shipping hub. Shipment rates are affordable year-round but are usually more expensive during summer months due to the high volume of return traffic.

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