Important Points to Consider before Shipping a Car Overseas from the USA

Vehicle Import/Export

Before you make your final arrangements to ship a car overseas from the USA, you might want to look over your options carefully. Not only can you save some money if you shop around but you can make sure that your vehicle gets overseas without a scratch on it. Here is a look at some of the most important points to review before arranging for international car shipping from the United States.

Selecting Your Shipping Options

A lot of factors impact the price to ship a vehicle from the United States to an overseas location. Each of them should be considered when you are comparing quotes, particularly because the services listed might not be identical in nature. In particular, you should examine the specifics of each of the following:

  • Type of Service – Are you getting door to port, door to door, or port to port service?
  • Shipping Method – Are you paying for a shared container or an individual one?
  • Roll on Roll Off or Ocean Container Shipping – Are you receiving roll on roll off service or ocean container shipping?
  • Inland Transport – Does the quote you receive include the cost of inland transport?
  • Destination Fees – Are the fees for customs clearance at your destination included in the quote?

Choosing a Shipping Company that is Fully Licensed and Insured

Hire a shipping company that is licensed and insured to protect your financial interest in your vehicle. Next, call the shipping company you’ve chosen and ask whether or not they utilize third party services that are fully licensed and insured as well, ensuring you are working with experienced individuals at every point during the transport.

Gathering Required Documents

Your shipping method determines whether or not the original copies of your car’s title and bill of sale are needed or if a photocopy will do. If you are choosing to ship your car overseas using roll on roll off service, then copies of your original bill of sale and vehicle title are sufficient.

Taking Photos of Your Vehicle Prior to Shipping

Before you ship your car overseas, you should document its condition so you’ll have proof in case anything happens to your vehicle. If you have your vehicle serviced before you ship it out, you can even prove how well it runs.

Obtaining the Names and Contact Numbers for All Involved Parties

Make sure that you obtain all of the names and phone numbers for anyone who is going to be responsible for your vehicle at some point during your auto transport. This is particularly important if the transport company you choose does not have an office or storage facility at your international destination. If you need to get in touch with someone, you’ll be able to do so easily since you already have the information.

Shipping your car overseas from the USA isn’t all that difficult. Multiple international shipping companies exist, giving you lots of options when making your arrangements. Before you sign on the dotted line, take the time to figure out the best shipping methods to use, while also preparing any documentation you might need now or after your auto is transported to its international destination.