How to Ship a Car Overseas from the United States

Container shipping at port

If you are shipping a car from the United States to an overseas location for the first time, you might feel stressed over the process. After all, there’s a lot to consider beginning with choosing your shipping method and ending with your destination fees. The following guide provides each of the steps needed to figure it out as affordably and stress free as possible.

Do Your Research

Before you can ship a car overseas, you need to find a company specializing in international auto transport. The best way to do so is to get a recommendation from a coworker, friend, or relative. If that isn’t possible, conduct an online search. Make a list and check out the company’s list of certifications, licensing, and insurance coverage. If you can’t find any of this information for some of the companies, cross them off your list. In addition to looking up the company’s website, you might want to do a search for reviews about the company. Finding out how other customers enjoyed their vehicle transport can either give you peace of mind or spur you into looking for a more reputable international shipping company.

Obtain Quotes

Typically, you can get an idea of the cost to for international car shipping overseas by looking at the company’s website. However, you should call them on the phone to ensure the pricing includes your particular type of vehicle, the kind of service you are requesting (port to port, door to door, or door to port), the shipping method, and the destination fees. By providing as many details as you can about your need for international car shipping, the quote you receive should be accurate. If you intend to insure your vehicle through the shipping company, make sure that you obtain a quote for insurance at the same time.

Select a Shipping Method

No matter what your destination is, you have several options regarding shipping. For each option, you need to book the transport, provide the necessary paperwork, and make your payment.

The fastest and most expensive choice is to ship your vehicle overseas in an individual ocean container. Your car is shipped on the next available vessel going to your destination.

If you choose Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro), your car goes into the designated vessel for shipment. It is securely fastened to avoid accidental damage. You can expect your vehicle to sit and wait for several days as the vessel might not go directly to your chosen location.

Another option is to send your vehicle on a consolidated container transport. In this case, your car does not ship until the container has been filled with other vehicles, which can take days or weeks.

Choose Your Shipping Company

Now that you have all of the information you need, it is time to select your international shipping company based upon your research. It is important that you make your shipping choice while you are obtaining pricing quotes to ensure you are making a fair comparison. Complete your payment using one of the methods required by the shipping company and get a receipt.

Always do some research and consider your options carefully when making arrangements to ship your vehicle overseas from the United States. Some options will be cheaper than others, but all of them will get your car to your overseas destination.