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What Kind Of Paperwork Do You Need To Ship My Car?

Domestic Customers (US): If you are a US-based customer and shipping to a US destination (48 contiguous states), then you can complete all your paperwork online or with a Customer Service Agent over the phone. International (non-US): Same requirements as a Domestic Customer, however International Customers must provide an original Vehicle Title with no liens (i.e. no money is owed against the vehicle). Please note the original Vehicle Title is processed by US Customs and subsequently returned to the Customer via courier.

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What If The Vehicle Title Is Not Available?

If the Customer has an government-issued original document (e.g. Bill of Sale, Acquisition Bill of Sale, Junk Certificate, Non-Repairable Certificate, etc.), Haulmatch might be able to export your vehicle but only from the Port of New York. Please send a copy of the government-issued document via e-mail or FAX so HaulMatch can check with state officials.