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Who Loads The Car On The Truck? Does This Cost Extra?

If vehicle is drivable, the carrier can load it himself. If It is coming from the auction the auction would load the vehicle for customer. It does not cost extra. Please note that if vehicle is not drivable and there is no loading equipment available at the pick-up location, it is customer’s responsibility to arrange the loading. Read more

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Do You Ship/Transport Vehicles From US To Canada?

HaulMatch can deliver the vehicle to the border (US side) only. The Canadian Customer must 1)secure the Title from the Seller, 2)contact a Canadian Customs Broker to ensure all documentation requirements are satisfied 3)identify a warehouse location (US side), where Haulmatch can deliver the vehicle, and 4)either pick-up the vehicle in person, or hire a Canadian Transportation Company to pick-up the vehicle.

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From What Port In USA Do You Ship Vehicles?

The Port of Loading is determined by both the Vehicle Location and the Port of Discharge. HaulMatch ships primarily from the Ports of New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami. Custom orders may be shipped from other ports.

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How Long Does It Take To Ship My Car?

International: Delivery can take 3-8 weeks from the time both the vehicle(s) and documents have been delivered to loading facility. This may vary based on the vehicle location in the US and the destination country. Customers should make note to contact their auction or seller regarding the mailing of the title and bill of sale to our office as soon as their purchase is confirmed, in order to avoid any shipping delays. Generally speaking: Europe & South America (3-4 weeks), Other Continents (4-8 weeks).

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (215) 660-4004.

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What If The Vehicle Is Damaged When Transported?

At time of delivery, please make certain you receive a completed Bill of Lading/ Damage Report before submitting payment to the Driver. Bill of Lading/Damage Report must have your signature, the pick-up location representative’s signature and the Driver’s signature in order for a claim to be processed. Before proceeding with a claim, please be certain additional damages are not marked on the Damage Report. Claim paperwork shall include: fully signed Bill of Lading/Damage Report, photographs of the vehicle taken from the same distance and angle as displayed on the site where you have purchased the vehicle from, written description of the extra damages. Please send the claim paperwork to HaulMatch via e-mail or FAX provided on the Bill of Lading/Damage Report. If extra damages are determined to have occurred during transport, HaulMatch will release the carrier’s Insurance certificate so you can file a claim through their agent. The claim is then handled directly with the carrier’s insurance company.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver The Car?

Domestic (US): Delivery can take up to 10 days from time of pick-up, depending on distance, e.g. coast to coast delivery typically takes 10 days, yet delivery to a neighboring state may take only 1-3 days.

International (non-US): Delivery can take 3-8 weeks from the time the vehicle has been loaded into a container.

Generally speaking:
Europe & South America 3-4 weeks
Other Continents 4-8 weeks

Customers take note: Contact your auction or seller regarding the mailing of the title and bill of sale to our office as soon as their purchase is confirmed, in order to avoid any shipping delays.