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How Can I Track The Shipment?

Domestic Tracking (US): The Customer can view the status of his vehicle’s transport on HaulMatch.com website. HaulMatch’s Progress Status Tool captures the following three events: Carrier Assigned, Vehicle Picked Up, Vehicle Delivered. International Tracking (non-US): HaulMatch supplies the Customer a copy of the Dock Receipt once the vehicle is loaded into a container. The Dock Receipt displays: Container #, Vessel Name, Car Information and Booking #. HaulMatch will provide you a link to the Ocean Carrier’s tracking website, where you can track the progress of the container.

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What Kind Of Paperwork Do You Need To Ship My Car?

Domestic Customers (US): If you are a US-based customer and shipping to a US destination (48 contiguous states), then you can complete all your paperwork online or with a Customer Service Agent over the phone. International (non-US): Same requirements as a Domestic Customer, however International Customers must provide an original Vehicle Title with no liens (i.e. no money is owed against the vehicle). Please note the original Vehicle Title is processed by US Customs and subsequently returned to the Customer via courier.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver The Car?

Domestic (US): Delivery can take up to 10 days from time of pick-up, depending on distance, e.g. coast to coast delivery typically takes 10 days, yet delivery to a neighboring state may take only 1-3 days.

International (non-US): Delivery can take 3-8 weeks from the time the vehicle has been loaded into a container.

Generally speaking:
Europe & South America 3-4 weeks
Other Continents 4-8 weeks

Customers take note: Contact your auction or seller regarding the mailing of the title and bill of sale to our office as soon as their purchase is confirmed, in order to avoid any shipping delays.