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Storage Reimbursement Policy

  • How much do you reimburse? 
    We reimburse up to $20/day starting the first day of the missed pick up window up to the day the vehicle is picked up or the order is cancelled, when you provide us with a copy of your storage receipt with the applicable dates.
    Please note: If an auction charges you less than $20/day, we reimburse the amount they charged you.
  • What if the auction charged me more than $20/day for storage?
    Regardless of what the auction charges you, HaulMatch reimburses up to $20/day.
  • What do I need to do to get my refund?
    Just send us a copy of your auction storage receipt to: info@haulmatch.com
    Please put your HaulMatch order number and/or VIN in the subject line.
  • How will I get my money?
    The money will go back to the account that you used to make your initial payment to HaulMatch. Usually, that is a credit card or PayPal account. If you are an international customer and used a wire transfer to pay, please give us a call: (866) 213-4966 or (215) 660-4004 or send an e-mail to: info@haulmatch.com
  • When will I get my money?
    Our accounting department usually issues reimbursements within 1-5 business days from receiving a copy of your auction storage receipts.
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Can You Check The Damages Inside The Vehicle?

HaulMatch will ask the driver to check for interior damages, but due to time constraints and regulations at the pick-up facility, it might not be possible.

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How Soon Can You Pick-Up The Vehicle?

HaulMatch’s normal pick-up window is 1-14 business days. However, in some remote areas, pick-up may take longer. Please note all pick-up and delivery dates are estimated; HaulMatch does not guarantee an exact pick-up/delivery date and time.

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Can You Pick-Up A Car Tomorrow, Because Pick-Up Location Will Start Charging Me Storages?

HaulMatch’s normal pick-up window is 1-14 business days. We will do our best to accommodate your request, however we do not guarantee an exact pick-up/delivery date and time.

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You Promised To Pick-Up On One Day And Instead The Car Was Picked-Up Next Day Or Later?

Please note all pick-up and delivery dates are estimated. HaulMatch does not guarantee an exact pick-up/delivery date and time.

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Will You Charge Me An Extra Fee If The Car Is Not Drivable?

If the Customer specifies the car is not drivable, there will be no additional fees. However, if the Customer specifies the car is drivable, and in fact it isn’t, then the Customer may incur an additional fee during pick-up. Please remember the Customer is responsible for ensuring proper equipment to unload the vehicle is available at delivery.

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Can We Pay The Driver Full Amount On Delivery?

No. US Customer pays a deposit by credit card, and the balance is paid directly to the driver with cash, money order, or certified check. If US Customer has no credit card, then he can send the deposit via Bank Wire Transfer or Overnight Courier. International Customers must pay in full via bank wire transfer only.

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Do You Provide Inland Transportation?

Yes, HaulMatch can pick-up your vehicle from any point in the (48 contiguous) US and deliver your vehicle to the Port of Loading.

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What Kind Of Paperwork Do You Need To Ship My Car?

Domestic Customers (US): If you are a US-based customer and shipping to a US destination (48 contiguous states), then you can complete all your paperwork online or with a Customer Service Agent over the phone. International (non-US): Same requirements as a Domestic Customer, however International Customers must provide an original Vehicle Title with no liens (i.e. no money is owed against the vehicle). Please note the original Vehicle Title is processed by US Customs and subsequently returned to the Customer via courier.

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Do You Deliver To Residential Areas?

Delivery to a residential area is possible only if there are no legal restrictions and if space large enough to accommodate the transportation vehicle is available, e.g. if semi-trucks regularly pass through your street, then it might be possible to unload by your residence. Otherwise, the delivery can be made at a near-by parking lot or shopping plaza.