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Who Loads The Car On The Truck? Does This Cost Extra?

If vehicle is drivable, the carrier can load it himself. If It is coming from the auction the auction would load the vehicle for customer. It does not cost extra. Please note that if vehicle is not drivable and there is no loading equipment available at the pick-up location, it is customer’s responsibility to arrange the loading. Read more

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How Can I Track The Shipment?

Domestic Tracking (US): The Customer can view the status of his vehicle’s transport on HaulMatch.com website. HaulMatch’s Progress Status Tool captures the following three events: Carrier Assigned, Vehicle Picked Up, Vehicle Delivered. International Tracking (non-US): HaulMatch supplies the Customer a copy of the Dock Receipt once the vehicle is loaded into a container. The Dock Receipt displays: Container #, Vessel Name, Car Information and Booking #. HaulMatch will provide you a link to the Ocean Carrier’s tracking website, where you can track the progress of the container.

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Can You Pick-Up My Vehicle Today?

HaulMatch will do its best to identify a qualified and available carrier in your area. And although same-day pick-up is sometimes possible, we do not guarantee it.

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What Happens If I Am Not Available To Receive My Vehicle When It Arrives?

In the event you cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, or you are not available to receive your vehicle when it arrives, the vehicle will either remain on the carrier truck for a later delivery, or the vehicle will be placed in storage until such time you can arrange for it to be picked up. Vehicles placed in storage are subject to additional storage and transport charges.