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Storage Reimbursement Policy

  • How much do you reimburse? 
    We reimburse up to $20/day starting the first day of the missed pick up window up to the day the vehicle is picked up or the order is cancelled, when you provide us with a copy of your storage receipt with the applicable dates.
    Please note: If an auction charges you less than $20/day, we reimburse the amount they charged you.
  • What if the auction charged me more than $20/day for storage?
    Regardless of what the auction charges you, HaulMatch reimburses up to $20/day.
  • What do I need to do to get my refund?
    Just send us a copy of your auction storage receipt to: info@haulmatch.com
    Please put your HaulMatch order number and/or VIN in the subject line.
  • How will I get my money?
    The money will go back to the account that you used to make your initial payment to HaulMatch. Usually, that is a credit card or PayPal account. If you are an international customer and used a wire transfer to pay, please give us a call: (866) 213-4966 or (215) 660-4004 or send an e-mail to: info@haulmatch.com
  • When will I get my money?
    Our accounting department usually issues reimbursements within 1-5 business days from receiving a copy of your auction storage receipts.
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Do You Ship/Transport Vehicles From US To Canada?

HaulMatch can deliver the vehicle to the border (US side) only. The Canadian Customer must 1)secure the Title from the Seller, 2)contact a Canadian Customs Broker to ensure all documentation requirements are satisfied 3)identify a warehouse location (US side), where Haulmatch can deliver the vehicle, and 4)either pick-up the vehicle in person, or hire a Canadian Transportation Company to pick-up the vehicle.

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Do You Provide Inland Transportation?

Yes, HaulMatch can pick-up your vehicle from any point in the (48 contiguous) US and deliver your vehicle to the Port of Loading.

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Can You Ship Vehicle to My Country?

Please check the drop-down list of destination countries on the Instant Quote Page. If the desired country appears on the list, HaulMatch can provide an Instant Quote to transport the Customer’s vehicle to this country. If the desired country does not appear on the list, Customer can request a Custom Quote online, and HaulMatch will respond within 48 hours.

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How Many Cars Can Fit In One Container?

HaulMatch ships in 40′ standard ocean shipping containers, which can normally accommodate: either 3 regular-sized cars, or 4 compact cars, or 2 large cars or SUV’s.

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From What Port In USA Do You Ship Vehicles?

The Port of Loading is determined by both the Vehicle Location and the Port of Discharge. HaulMatch ships primarily from the Ports of New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Miami. Custom orders may be shipped from other ports.

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How Long Does It Take To Ship My Car?

International: Delivery can take 3-8 weeks from the time both the vehicle(s) and documents have been delivered to loading facility. This may vary based on the vehicle location in the US and the destination country. Customers should make note to contact their auction or seller regarding the mailing of the title and bill of sale to our office as soon as their purchase is confirmed, in order to avoid any shipping delays. Generally speaking: Europe & South America (3-4 weeks), Other Continents (4-8 weeks).

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at +1 (215) 660-4004.

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