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Do You Deliver To Residential Areas?

Delivery to a residential area is possible only if there are no legal restrictions and if space large enough to accommodate the transportation vehicle is available, e.g. if semi-trucks regularly pass through your street, then it might be possible to unload by your residence. Otherwise, the delivery can be made at a near-by parking lot or shopping plaza.

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What Happens If I Am Not Available To Receive My Vehicle When It Arrives?

In the event you cannot be reached in a reasonable amount of time, or you are not available to receive your vehicle when it arrives, the vehicle will either remain on the carrier truck for a later delivery, or the vehicle will be placed in storage until such time you can arrange for it to be picked up. Vehicles placed in storage are subject to additional storage and transport charges.

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How Do I Know When The Vehicle Will Be Delivered? Someone Will Contact Me?

The Driver will call you (typically 1-2 business days) in advance to notify you of the delivery date and time. Please make sure someone is available at the designated delivery date and time.

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What Kind Of Transport Vehicle Will Deliver My Vehicle?

HaulMatch contracts with carriers, who have a wide array of equipment, such as tow trucks, 3-car haulers, 9-car haulers, enclosed trailers, and open trailers. However, we do not guarantee the type of transportation equipment that will be used to transport your vehicle.

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How Much Time Does It Take To Deliver The Car?

Domestic (US): Delivery can take up to 10 days from time of pick-up, depending on distance, e.g. coast to coast delivery typically takes 10 days, yet delivery to a neighboring state may take only 1-3 days.

International (non-US): Delivery can take 3-8 weeks from the time the vehicle has been loaded into a container.

Generally speaking:
Europe & South America 3-4 weeks
Other Continents 4-8 weeks

Customers take note: Contact your auction or seller regarding the mailing of the title and bill of sale to our office as soon as their purchase is confirmed, in order to avoid any shipping delays.