Exploring the Process of Shipping a Car Overseas

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Shipping your vehicle is much easier when you have help. Moving your car overseas is daunting enough without the thought of language barriers and foreign policies. Having someone you trust (and someone who is a local) will not only put your mind at ease, it will also help your car get from A to B in the best time possible. These companies will have a number of different shipping options available to you.

Overseas shipping methods

  • Roll on, roll off (RORO) – This is the most affordable shipping option whereby you drive your car onto the ship, park it, and reverse it off on the other side. This option will generally be available only for shorter journeys.
  • Shipping containers for cars – Shipping containers are both more expensive and more secure than the RORO method. Individuals who are more concerned about the safety of their vehicle may wish to look at shipping it in a container.
  • Airfreight – If you have a rare or antique vehicle and if the safety of your vehicle is your top priority, then flying your car overseas may be the safest option – it is also a much quicker process than travelling by sea. However, you should be aware that airfreight can be extremely expensive.

Expect paperwork galore when shipping a vehicle

The paperwork for shipping a vehicle overseas is mountainous and complicated and it is best advised that you hire an experienced customs broker to do this part of the shipping process for you.


Much documentation is required of you, the owner, when shipping your vehicle overseas. Documentation would include copies of your passport, copies of your cars ownership title forms, export forms as well as a copy of your car keys. Export taxes may also need to be paid, and you would need to supply proof of payment.

Choosing a shipping company

It is important that you choose a reputable shipping company who is familiar with both the export and import process of your home country and your new country. Spend some time researching any company that you work with. You will be entrusting them with one of your most valuable assets so you should be as comfortable as possible when working with them.

Though shipping a vehicle overseas can seem like a very intimidating task, it doesn’t have to be. By understanding how the process works, you can make sure that your shipment goes as smoothly as possible.