Auto Shipping Services – Standard, Specialty, and Expedited

Transportation cars by truck trailer

When you need to transport your car from one location to another, understanding your options provides a streamlined process that gets your vehicle on the road quickly and safely for a successful move. Ideally, you’ll need to know if you want standard, specialty, or expedited auto shipping services before you make your final arrangements. No matter which option you choose, your car transport carrier or broker can assist you in finalizing the finer details, such as door-to-door service or storage upon delivery.

Standard Car Shipping

Most vehicle owners choose standard auto shipping services for their cars, trucks, and vans simply because it fully meets transportation requirements. Unless you have a luxury vehicle, this option delivers an excellent option for relocating your car without the headache of having to drive it yourself. In general, open air transport of multiple cars takes place, creating affordability for customers who share in the carrier’s expense. Car owners must prepare their vehicles for shipping according to the carrier’s guidelines.

Specialty Car Shipping

Specialty car shipping satisfies the intricacies of moving high-end autos and motorcycles, all of which require customized handling to ensure safe transport. Most often, specialty shipping necessitates the use of an enclosed transport system, enabling the ultimate in protection and safety for the vehicle in question. This option includes higher car shipping fees, but it is worth it in the long run, particularly for expensive automobiles, trucks, and motorcycles.

Expedited Car Shipping

When you need to move your car quickly due to relocation, an impending sales transaction, or some other reason, expedited shipping services deliver the speed you need to transport your vehicle without delay. Expedited auto shipping services feature higher costs primarily because of the limited opportunity to fill the transport vehicle up to its maximum load. As a result, the customer picks up some of the lost revenue by incurring an additional fee to expedite the move. How do you know if your vehicle is actually going to move more quickly with expedited auto shipping services than if you had chosen the standard option? Well, the fact that you are paying a premium price to transport your vehicle gives your request priority status over customers who aren’t in a hurry.

Fees for Auto Shipping Services

In addition to paying according to whether you select standard or expedited transport, your fees are based on several other factors. The size and weight of your vehicle impacts your cost accordingly with larger, heavier vehicles incurring larger shipping fees. Moreover, your location can be an influencing factor, particularly if your destination is in a remote location.

Although fees for auto shipping services vary across carriers, you can expect to pay relatively the same expense for the same type of vehicle and location. The most important aspect of the scenario should always be meeting your personal needs for vehicle transport. Therefore, determine whether these needs are best met by standard, specialty, or expedited auto shipping before choosing services to relocate your vehicle from one destination to another.