5 Common Car Transportation Complaints — And How To Tackle Them

Cars carrier truck at asphalt highway

Auto shipping clients love to complain — and more often than not, there are good reasons for it too. Their car is precious and when things don’t go according to plan, there is a cause to worry. However, when it comes to auto transportation, there are some circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control. That doesn’t mean that the auto shipping company doesn’t know how to do its job.

Take a look at some common problems in the auto transportation and how to tackle them:

Shipping Services Are Too Expensive

Auto shipping quotes depend on a variety of factors. Since, car transportation is part of the route-based industry; it is the car carriers that have the final say in what the pricing is. As it stands, longer routes inevitably cost more overall; to maximize their profits against their expenses, car shipping services cost less per mile for longer routes but more overall. For shorter distances, these companies cost more per mile, but less overall.

Other factors that affect shipping quotes are accessibility of the location, the size and weight of the vehicles being transported, the number of cars being transported to a single location, its mode of transportation, destination fees and even season. In fact, auto transport companies actually give lower pricing rates than they want because they don’t want to scare away customers.

Car Hasn’t Been Picked Up

Many people complain the auto transportation companies are late in picking up their cars. Most of the vehicles usually get picked up within seven days of the order. If the shipment is in a popular destination for carriers, your car may be picked up within three days.  Shipment in less popular areas may take a full week to be picked up. However, shipment in places that are difficult to access or navigate and are away from major shipping lanes, may take two weeks or more. Unfortunately, most of the time this situation is out of the auto transport company’s hand. All they can do is throw money at the carriers and hope for the best.

Additionally, shipment of heavy duty, oversize vehicles usually takes longer because the auto transportation company needs to find specialized carriers with flat-beds to ship them. Regardless, it is rare that a car is not picked up by a professional car mover because they are bad at what they do.

Vehicle Hasn’t Been Delivered

This is probably the most common complaint from customers. If your car has not arrived on time, it doesn’t mean something disastrous has happened to it in transit. It just means that the carrier is running a bit behind schedule. Short routes can take 2 to 3 days while longer inter-state routes may take up to 10 days. However, all of these numbers are inclement on factors such as weather, road condition, blockades, construction and the route. Carriers also get stuck in traffic jams just like regular drivers and they lose money on it too.

Additionally, your car is also sharing space with several other cars. The carrier needs to drop those vehicles in the order they were picked up and if there is an issue at the destination point at any one of their locations, it can lead to several hours of delay.

Car Has Been Damaged

In route-based businesses, your vehicle is exposed to the elements. Sometimes the carrier has to take your car through uneven and dangerous terrain that can cause jolts. Sometimes, the weather is terrible. If you asked for your car to be transported on an open carrier, chances are they might suffer some form of damage from road debris, rain or hail. However, most often, this type of damage is minimal.

To make sure your car reaches to you in mint condition, consider getting a closed carrier for your car that can at least protect it from natural elements. Also make sure that your car’s gas tank is not more than 1/4th full, as any leakage can damage other cars and can increase fire risk.

But most importantly, before shipping you car, carefully inspect it for any damages that were already there before the vehicle was picked up by the transport company.  Take pictures if you can and then tally them to your vehicle when it is delivered to you.

Most often than not, your vehicle is delivered to you in the same condition as it was shipped.

Got No Call From Agent

If the representative at the car shipping company hasn’t called you, it usually means there have been no updates. Professional auto transportation companies are prompt in calling their clients to report any development, but they will not call if there is nothing to say. Sometimes customers have to suffer through days of silence. That may be just because the shipment has been delayed in remote areas, due to a variety of factors.

If a client is very worried about his vehicle, they are welcome to call the company and ask to speak to the agent. If there is nothing to tell, they will let you know about it.

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