4 Reasons Why You Should Ship Your Car In An Enclosed Carrier

Enclosed car carriers on the road

If you have ever needed to transport your vehicle from one place to another, you may have gotten the services of an auto transportation company. These companies give you two major shipping service options to consider: open carriers or enclosed carriers.

Although open carriers are the most common type of car transporting option, they have certain vulnerabilities like exposing your vehicles to outside elements. In contrast, most people prefer enclosed carriers, especially for their luxury vehicles.

These carriers also have several varieties. Depending on the car shipping company and the nature of your request, enclosed carriers can have hard-sided trailers or soft-sided trailers. They may also accommodate a single car, two cars, or multiple cars.

Enclosed carriers with multi-car trailers are the cheapest among these types of carriers, and may be able to ship as many as 7 cars at the same time, depending on the size and weight of the car. Single or two-car carriers are the most expensive as they are hired exclusively for special vehicles which require speedy delivery.

Even though they may cost more than open carriers, here is why you should ship your car in an enclosed carrier.

Protection from Outside Elements

As enclosed carriers house your cars inside the trailer, your vehicles remain safe from outside elements, be it wind, rain, hail, or road-side dust and debris. Enclosed car movers offer a higher degree of protection for your cars. These carriers are highly recommended for high-end, luxurious cars, which, if damaged even in the slightest way, can result in a hefty cost. A paint job on a Lamborghini can cost you an arm and a leg.

Moreover, enclosed carriers are the best type of carriers for moving your car to and from states that are prone to severe weather, like hurricanes and thunderstorms.

Vehicle’s Privacy Remains Intact

There are a lot of car enthusiasts and collectors who take their classic or exotic vehicles to different states for events, like car exhibitions. If these people ship their unique cars in an open carrier, chances are that these cars can catch the eye of unsavory people and may be stolen. To make sure this doesn’t happen, it is best to ship your car in a closed carrier so that your car remains immune to the outside world.

Another thing to consider is if a company is unveiling a new prototype or model and if the car is carried in an open carrier, all its specs will be known beforehand to anyone who sees the carrier whizzing by.

More Professional Handling

Unlike standard open shipping service, enclosed auto transportation is much more exclusive. Not only are cars much safer, the drivers operating the carriers are more professional as well and have more experience of handling and transporting expensive vehicles. Often, these professionals wear white gloves when loading or unloading your vehicle so as to avoid leaving dirty fingerprints on the car’s body.

Exclusive Customer Service

As you pay a higher fee for the closed car carrier, you will be given some benefits and perks associated with it. Along with additional safety and privacy, you will be given premium customer care and all your queries and concerns will be handled promptly and with special care.

The special care for your car also comes with a special price. Here are a few reasons why enclosed carriers demand a higher price:

Availability: One of the biggest reasons for the higher cost is the availability of enclosed carriers. Only about 10 percent of carriers are enclosed carriers; yet their demand is high, particularly among owners of exclusive cars. Because of the low availability, they also demand a higher waiting time and a higher price.

Number of Cars: The number of cars enclosed vehicles can accommodate is much lower than what open car movers can carry. At most, an enclosed carrier can carry about 7 cars, while open trailers can carry about 10 cars. Because of the lower number of cars that need to be carried over the same distance, the price is higher.

A car transporting company does not give you a fixed cost for shipping your car. The amount you’ll have to pay to ship your car depends on various factors like the size and weight of the car, the distance to be traveled, and accessible routes. Car shipping companies can only offer you a shipping quote after they have taken these factors into account.

Enclosed car carriers are ideal if money is not an issue for you. However, that does not mean that open carriers are unsafe and their drivers are not professional. Thousands of vehicles are transported via open carriers every year with rare instances of damage. The choice of what type of shipping container you want comes down to your budget and your personal preference.